The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) is responsible for providing high-quality data about Hellenic College Holy Cross to internal and external stakeholders. The data and the insights gleaned from these data are important to ensure that HCHC’s planning and evaluation are systematic, comprehensive, broad-based, and integrated. HCHC systematically collects and uses data necessary to support its planning efforts and to enhance institutional effectiveness. Through the use of data HCHC maintains a cycle of continuous improvement.

The OIRA oversees the Academic Program Review (APR) process to encourage self-study and program planning and strengthen connections among the strategic plans of HCHC’s academic programs and the institution. The OIRA will also oversee the process of support services review to encourage planning and improvement for services that support the academic programs.

All surveys or other research tools involving human subjects are carried out in accordance with HCHC’s policies: Human Subjects Research Policy, Responsible Conduct of Research Policy, and Research Misconduct Policy.

Much of the data that the OIRA collects and reports is required by external organizations (e.g., NECHE or ATS), but the office also collects specific data needed for academic program reviews or strategic planning. If you would like to collect additional information or data on HCHC’s constituencies, please contact the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at

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